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She-Rex Podcast

Sarah Varughese

Resiliency is an attitude and a choice!! You have to believe in yourself and the life you want to create so fiercely, that nothing is going to stop you! My resiliency comes from creativity and imagination... being able to think beyond what's just in front of me, and imagine multiple possibilities. I lack the huge fear of failure; I'd rather try something new, and fail at it, than not try at all. Because in the creative world, we know that failure is part of the journey... It's not always fun, or desired; but resiliency is built in for the sake of process and progress. On this podcast, I will share all of my ups and downs... as well as the tools and activities that I have adopted to keep moving forward!! Do you wanna be a T-Rex and rule your life like a boss?!!? Then you're in the right place.